Dissection et surveillance de la diversité amazonienne

Financement et durée

Labex Ceba 2016-2019

Responsable scientifique


Partenaires scientifiques

  • UMR ECOFOG, Kourou, Guyane française
  • EDB Toulouse, France

Présentation du projet

Characterizing biodiversity still remains a challenge, particularly in remote and species-rich tropical regions. The labex CEBA has contributed significantly to a long-term effort in describing biodiversity over the French Guianian territory mainly through the funding of the DIADEMA project. The ambition of the DIAMOND project is to continue this effort and to implement innovative biodiversity monitoring approaches based on environmental DNA. We will also provide a better quantification of the different facets of biodiversity across groups by building an extensive and unprecedented multitaxa biodiversity database for French Guiana. By dissecting the spatial turnover of the taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional components of diversity, we will provide significant advances in our understanding of species distribution and community assemblage. With insight from communities’ dissimilarities across environmental and geographical regions, we will use novel modeling approaches to provide continuous maps of taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of whole communities across all regions in French Guiana. Finally, the project will also strongly contribute to an effective transfer of knowledge to the scientific community and local stakeholders.

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