Bruno Hérault

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Principal Investigator Paracou Research Station

Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement

Tél. : (+594) 5 94 32 92 05

Fax : (+594) 5 94 32 43 02

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I am a tropical forest scientist. I have wide research interests, but my current research focused on the effects of global changes (both climate-driven and land-use changes) on the structure, dynamics, composition, functioning of tropical forests as well as on the induced consequences on the ecosystem services they actually provide to humanity. I welcome enquiries from well-qualified graduate students interested in working in these areas.

Modelling the Dynamics of Tropical Forests

An important objective in tropical forest science is to understand how biological traits determine species performance and species sorting across environmental gradients. We work on Bayesian modelling approaches predicting tropical tree vital rates from traits, both hard- and soft-, and including ontogenetic variation in tropical tree performance. Developing general trait-based dynamic models is especially important for diverse tropical forests where many species occur in densities too low to parametrize species-specific dynamic models. In doing so, we hope to bridge the gap between individual-based and community-level statistical models with little parameter inflation.

Impact of Climate Changes on Rainforests

Climate changes are expected to continue all over the world. Below the tropics, temperatures are expected to rise while dry periods and extreme rain events are expected to be stronger and longer. As we already identified some climate variables as key drivers of tropical forest dynamics, we are now using forest simulators to explore the forest trajectory over the next coming decades under different climate scenarios. Climate-driven processes observed at the tree scale are not directly transposable at the community level because of factors such as compensatory effects between demographic processes (growth, mortality) or non-linear response with ontogeny. We are therefore working to scale our models to be able to go beyond the analytical studies of our current semi-empirical models.

Modelling land-use change through the Guiana shield

Modelling deforestation to identify the main socio-economic and biophysical drivers of land-use change is a complex and multidisciplinary field, involving economic issues as well as geographical tools and environmental sciences. Until the late 90’s, non-spatially explicit models of deforestation were more common than models integrating spatial variables in their framework even if the deforestation process is a fully spatial process. The development of more and more powerful computers, associated to the widespread uses of Geographic Information Systems and to available land cover data from satellite images, have democratized deforestation models taking into account spatial factors. We work on modelling framework for building spatially explicit models of deforestation upon a radical distinction between purely geographic factors influencing the spatial contagion and socio-economic factors influencing the process intensity.

Towards new compromises between ecosystem services

We aim to predict impacts of various global change scenarios of both climate and land-use changes changes on biodiversity, other ecosystem services (carbon stocks, water resources) as well as on economical goods productions of the various tropical forest ecosystems. We will model the future of forest-derived goods and services under different scenarios in order to provide guidelines for sustainable uses. Altogether, we aim to provide optimal development trajectories, key areas for conservation as well as priority efforts to be made for forest ecosystem restoration.

Summary CV

  • Associate Editor, PLOS ONE (2012-2015 )


  • Since 2012

Researcher, UMR EcoFoG, Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement

  • 2007-2012

Assistant Professor, UMR EcoFoG, Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (France)

  • 2006-2007

Post-Doctoral Researcher, UMR EcoFoG, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France)

  • 2005-2006

Lecturer, Centre d’Ecologie Végétale et d’Hydrologie, Université de Strasbourg (France)

  • 2002-2005

PhD Student, Département des Sciences de l’Environnement, Université de Liège (Belgique)


  • 2011

‘Habilitation’ Degree, University of Antilles-Guyane (France)

Rebuilding community ecology from functional traits

  • 2005

Ph.D., University of Liège (Belgium)

Ecological communities in fragmented forests : relative influence of historical, local and regional factors

  • 2001

M.Sc., International Livestock Research Institute (Niger) & University of Lille (France)

Soil seed bank and vegetation dynamics in Sahelian fallows

  • Undergraduate studies in University of Poitiers.



in press

  • Barthe S, Binelli G, Herault B, Scotti-Saintagne C, Sabatier D, Scotti I, in press. Tropical rainforests that persisted : inferences from the Quaternary demographic history of eight tree species in the Guiana shield. Molecular Ecology.
  • Coelho de Souza F, Dexter K, Phillips O, Brienen R, Chave J, ..., Baker T, in press. Evolutionary heritage influences Amazon tree ecology. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
  • Dezecache C, Salles JM, Vieilledent G, Herault B. in press. Moving forward socio-economically focused models of deforestation. Global change Biology.
  • Dezecache C, Faure Emmanuel, Gond V, Salles JM, Vieilledent G, Hérault B. in press. Gold-Rush in a Forested El Dorado : Deforestation Leakages and the Need for Regional Cooperation. Environmental Research Letters.
  • Goulamoussene Y, Bedeau C, Descroix L, Linguet L, Hérault B. in press. Environmental control of natural gap size distribution in tropical forests. Biogeosciences.
  • Rejou-Mechain M, Tanguy A, Piponiot C, Chave J, Herault B. in press. BIOMASS : An R Package for estimating aboveground biomass and its uncertainty in tropical forests. Methods in Ecology & Evolution.



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Book Chapters

  • Hérault B, Gourlet-Fleury S. 2016. Will Tropical Rainforests Survive Climate Change ? In Climate Change and Agriculture Worldwide (Eds Torquebiau E), pp 183-196. Springer Netherlands.
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Conference Proceedings

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Other Papers

  • Thoen D, Hérault B, 2006. Flore, groupes socio-écologiques et typologie des mardelles forestières de Lorraine belge et luxembourgeoise. Bulletin de la Société des Naturalistes luxembourgeois 107 : 3-25
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Lab People


Camille Piponiot-Laroche, 2015-2018, "Towards new compromises between ecosystem services in Amazonian production forests", Université de Montpellier 2, Co-Sup : Plinio Sist

Ariane Mirabel, 2015-2018, "Learning from ecosystem trajectories to predict diversity in post-logging tropical forests", Université de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Eric Marcon

Camille Dezécache, 2013-2016, "Modeling land-use change scenarios through the Guiana Shield", Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Jean-Michel Salles

Thomas Denis, 2013-2016, "From niche-modeling to distribution maps for large guianan fauna", Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Cécile Richard-Hansen

Youven Goulamoussène, 2012-2015, "Using very high resolution satellite imagery to detect mechanisms of forest disturbance and succession across French Guiana", Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Laurent Linguet

Mélaine Aubry-Kientz, 2011-2014, "Integrating highly-diverse community dynamics and climate variations into a single forest simulator in order to explore in silico the consequences of the climate scenarios on the future of tropical forests", Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Vivien Rossi

Quentin Molto, 2009-2012, "Estimates of tropical forest biomass : towards an integrated error propagation model", Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Co-Sup : Vivien Rossi

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Oriol Grau, 2014-2015, "Nutrient controls on tropical forest dynamics under climate change", Imbalance-P

Alana Moore, 2011-2012, "Mitigating risks of climate and land-use change to ecosystem services in French Guianan rainforests", European Structural Funds, GUYASIM project

Fabien Wagner, 2012-2013, "Inferring the future of ecosystem services through forest dynamic models", FRB Funding, CLIMFOR project


Aurélie Cuvelier, 2016, "Learning from a large-scale competition-manipulation experiment to infer new forest management rules in a water-stressed world", Co-Sup : Laurent Descroix

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Julia Ouallet, 2007, "Modeling post-logging growth rates using a spatially-explicit approach", Co-Sup : Lilian Blanc


  • Courses

Ecological Theories, Master Level, (2010- )

Biological Conservation, Master Level (2010-2014)

Statistics for Biologists, Bachelor Level (2007-2012)

General Ecology, Bachelor Level (2007-2012)

Population Biology, Bachelor Level (2007-2012)









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