Marion Boisseaux

The ecophysiological plasticity of the tree species, and the plasticity of their mechanistic traits, are important drivers for community assembly and long-term community dynamics. To that aim, I will examine tree-soil habitat association and determine whether species with similar habitat preferences share functional strategies. I will use a trait-based approach at the inter- and intraspecific level in order to determine which species are most likely to respond in situ, and which ones will be threatened by climate change depending on their habitat. I will differentiate generalist species (large ecological niche) with specialist species (narrow ecological niche) in two main forest habitats present in French Guiana, terra firme and seasonally flooded forests. Samplings will be carried out along a precipitation gradient to discriminate different drought strategies depending on hydrological conditions. Then, I will focus on seasonally flooded habitats and explore the extent to which the microbial community contributes to tropical forest functioning. I will set up greenhouse experiments to test whether the duration of drought periods could influence seedlings’ resistance and resilience to future droughts.

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