PhenObs - Towards a phenology observatory in French Guiana to study climate-vegetation feedbacks and the diversity of plant strategies


Labex CEBA 2020-2023


Nicolas BARBIER (IRD, UMR Amap)
EcoFoG participants : Géraldine DERROIRE, Clément STAHL, Sabrina COSTE, Benoit BURBAN, Pascal PETRONELLI

Presentation of the project

The diversity, drivers and consequences of vegetation seasonal dynamics in tropical forests are poorly known. This is due to the tremendous diversity of phenological behaviors across, but also within plant species. Documenting several crucial aspects of seasonal biological variation, such as leaf renewal, area and ageing, needs dedicated measurement protocols, which remain barely implemented across Amazonia (crypto‐phenology). Such information is however critical to understand and predict the influence ofenvironmental drivers and climate change on forest functioning or the timing of gaseous exchanges or carbon allocation patterns at any meaningful scale.

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