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ALT - Amazonian landscapes in transition


ANR 2022-2025


Contact Ecofog: Géraldine DERROIRE

Presentation of the project

The combination of forest degradation and climate change threatens to radically alter Amazonian forests, with major consequences on biodiversity and socio-ecosystems. A fundamental question is thus whether Amazonian forests will be able to withstand the impact of these disturbances. The ALT project will address key knowledge gaps on the parameterization of vegetation models for the tropical forests of French Guiana, namely the regeneration potential in the forest understory, and canopy tree dynamics, by combining state-of-the-art inventory and remote sensing methods of observation. The resulting data will be combined to calibrate and validate two complementary vegetation models, TROLL and FATES, which will be used to produce a range of ecological indicators for the territory, both in the present and under projected climatic conditions. These findings will help assess nationally determined contributions of the UNFCCC and also for upcoming IPBES reports.

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