Venom peptides from Amazonian animals.

Funding and duration

Amazonie Program, 2010-2011.


Pierre Escoubas, VenomeTech SAS, Sofia-Antipolis.


  • VenomeTech (P. Escoubas)
  • UMR Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane, Kourou (J. Orivel & A. Dejean)
  • Laboratoire Microorganismes, Génôme et Environnement, Clermont-Ferrand (B. Corbara)
  • Laboratório de Mirmecologia, CEPEC-CEPLAC, Itabuna, Bahia, Brésil (J.H.C. Delabie)


The BIOPEPMED project aims at discovering and developing new drugs based on venom peptides from Amazonian animals. The venoms of Ponerinae ants are proposed as a first research objective. Although ants dominate all layers of the Amazonian forest both in numbers and biomass, the composition and properties of their venoms remain essentially uncharted. The BIOPEPMED project offers an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to drug discovery, by exploring a new biological resource and combining the study of biological interactions with rational exploitation in a perspective of biodiversity preservation.

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