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Analysis of Cecropia sciadophylla Morphogenesis Based on a Sink-Source Dynamic Model

Véronique LETORT (Ecole Centrale de Paris, INRIA)

V. Letort, P. Heuret, PC Zalamea, Ph. de Reffye, E. Nicolini

Although there is an increasing number of models simulating the functional and structural development of trees at organ scale, few of them can be fully calibrated, evaluated and validated. A major obstacle resides in the intrinsic complexity of trees due to their high stature, large number of organs and long life span that limits the possibilities of experimental work and the access to measurement data. This is why ’model plants’ such as the neotropical genus Cecropia are of great interest. This genus has a simple architecture and some qualities that allow collecting exhaustive datasets at the organ scale. In this paper, we evaluate the GreenLab model on data recorded on 11 individuals measured in 2007 in French Guiana. The branching and flowering patterns are analyzed using an index of trophic competition.

Salle Silvolab (Campus de Kourou)

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