Ivan Scotti


Head of Population Ecology team. Director of research at INRA at EcoFoG until 2014.



My main research area is Ecological genetics, and in particular the genetics and genomics of the adaptation of natural populations to environmental variation and challenges in space and time. My current playground are the tropical forests of the Guiana Shield, which, as all ecosystems with high biodiversity levels, offer great opportunities to study mechanisms underlying the evolution of adaptation to biotic and abiotic interactions. Moreover, understanding the way these ecosystems react to environmental variation is a key to the understanding of their origins and to predicting their responses to global change.

To achieve the goal of unveiling evolutionary mechanisms underlying adaptive processes, I apply a combination of strategies, from population genomics to quantitative genetics and modelling. See my Lab’s Results webpage to read up-to-date information about the rationale and results of my research.

I cooperate with several Research teams in France and abroad. See for example the FLAG research program, which I lead, and the CEBA Laboratory of Excellence , within which I lead the Genomics of Adaptation Research action.

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