Christopher Baraloto

email : Chris.Baraloto at


Senior Researcher at INRA, on extended leave.

Director of the International Center for Tropical Botany (ICTB), Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University.

Valverde-Barrantes, Oscar J., et al. "Root anatomy helps to reconcile observed root trait syndromes in tropical tree species." American Journal of Botany. 108.5 (2021): 744–755.
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Maggia, Marie- Eugénie, et al. "At each site its diversity: DNA barcoding reveals remarkable earthworm diversity in neotropical rainforests of French Guiana." Applied Soil Ecology. 164 (2021): 103932.
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Vleminckx, Jason, et al. "Resolving whole-plant economics from leaf, stem and root traits of 1467 Amazonian tree species." Oikos. 130.7 (2021): 1193–1208.
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Baraloto, Christophier, et al. "Biogeographic history and habitat specialization shape floristic and phylogenetic composition across Amazonian forests." Ecological Monographs. 91.4 (2021): e01473.
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ter Steege, H., et al. "Biased-corrected richness estimates for the Amazonian tree flora." Sci. Rep.. 10.10130 (2020).
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