Heidy Schimann

Tél. : (+594) 5 94 32 92 92

Fax : (+594) 5 94 32 43 02

email : Heidy.Schimann at EcoFoG.gf



Publications for EcoFoG

Zinger, L., et al. "Advances and prospects of environmental DNA in neotropical rainforests." Adv. Ecol. Res.. 62 (2020): 331–373.
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Sommeria-Klein, G., et al. "Latent Dirichlet Allocation reveals spatial and taxonomic structure in a DNA-based census of soil biodiversity from a tropical forest." Mol. Ecol. Resour.. 20.2 (2020): 371–386.
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Schimann, H., et al. "Tree communities and soil properties influence fungal community assembly in neotropical forests." Biotropica. 52.3 (2020): 444–456.
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Legeay, J., et al. "Surprising low diversity of the plant pathogen Phytophthora in Amazonian forests." Environ. Microbiol.. 22.12 (2020): 5019–5032.
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Jaouen, G., et al. "Fungi of French Guiana gathered in a taxonomic, environmental and molecular dataset." Scientific data. 6.206 (2019).
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