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Post-doc at EcoFoG

PhD defended on February, 6th. 2013

Role and contribution of phytophagous insects in contrasted habitats of moist tropical forests of Amazonia


Publications in indexed journals

  • Lamarre, G.P.A., I. Mendoza, R. Rougerie, T. Decaëns, B. Hérault and F. Bénéluz (2015). Stay Out (Almost) All Night: contrasting responses in flight activity among tropical moth assemblages. Neotropical Entomology DOI 10.1007/s13744-014-0264-3
  • Lamarre, G.P.A, Mendoza, I., Fine, P.V.A. and Baraloto, C. (2014). Leaf synchrony and insect herbivory among tropical tree habitat specialists. Plant Ecology 215(2): 209-220.
  • Fine, P.V.A., M. R. Metz, J. Lokvam, I. Mesones, J. M. Ayarza Zuñiga, G.P.A. Lamarre, M.V. Pilco and C. Baraloto (2013). Insect herbivores, chemical innovation, and the evolution of habitat specialization in Amazonian trees. Ecology 94(8): 1764-1775
  • Kawahara, A. Y., Breinholt, J., Ponce, J., Haxaire, J., Xiao, L., Lamarre, G.P.A., Rubinoff, D. and Kitching, I. J.(2013). Evolution of Manduca sexta hornworms and relatives: Biogeographical analysis reveals an ancestral center of diversification in Central America. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 68: 381-386.
  • Lamarre, G.P.A, Q. Molto, P.V.A. Fine and C. Baraloto (2012). A comparison of two common flight interception traps to survey tropical arthropods. ZooKeys 216: 43-55.

Book chapter

  • Lamarre, G. P. A., Fine, P. V. A., & Baraloto, C. (2011). Abondance relative des Coléoptères dans trois types d’habitats forestiers de la forêt tropicale de Guyane : relation avec la structure et la diversité de la communauté de plantes ligneuses. In: J. Touroult (Ed.), Les Coléoptères de Guyane (Vol. III, pp. 3–10). Acorep France Edition.

Taxonomy, conservation and education publications

  • Lamarre, G.P.A., Delsinne, T., Heuret, P., Kozánek, M. and Vedel, V. (2015). Les Araignées reines du mimétisme. Une Saison en Guyane, Tome 14, Atelier Aymara Ed. Cayenne, pp: 94-100.
  • Bénéluz, F. and G.P.A. Lamarre (in press). Description d’un Hyperchiria (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Hemileucinae) inédit du Pérou Amazonien. The European Entomologist.
  • Lamarre, G.P.A and Baraloto, C. (2012). Plantes et insectes herbivores: une bataille évolutive à l’armement. Une Saison en Guyane, 8: 84-89.
  • Vedel, V., Camus, D. and Lamarre, G. (2011). Malaise and glass traps: useful means of catching canopy-dwelling spiders? Newsletter of the British Arachnology Society 122: 12-15.
  • Lamarre, G. and Bénéluz, F., (2009). A non-destructive method for species identification (Insecta: Lepidoptera) in the ecological park Nueva Juventud, San Andrés, Petén, Northern Guatemala. Lambillionea, CXI(3): 348-352.


  • Lamarre G.P.A., Fine P.V.A, and Baraloto C. (2012). Synchrony of leaf production as a strategy to escape herbivory in tropical forests. International meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation: ATBC, 18-23 July 2012. Bonito, Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • Lamarre G., Christopher Baraloto and Paul V.A. Fine., (2011) Arthropod abundance and community structure in contrasting Amazonian forests. Entomological Society of America: ESA 59th Annual meeting. Reno, Nevada (USA). 13-16 November, 2011
  • Lamarre Greg., Fine Paul., Brûlé Stéphane et Baraloto Christopher. (2010). Turnover in Phytophagous insect communities in contrasting tropical forest habitats: Amazon basin. International meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation: ATBC 2010, 19-23 July 2010; Bali, Indonesia.
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Student funded by the European Union.

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