Paule Salvin


Lecturer-researcher at EcoFoG until 2016.


Defended on November 26th 2012.

Study of electroactive biofilms from the Amazonian environment for an application in microbial fuel cells

Nowadays, the research of new nonpolluting and renewable sources of energy develop. In this context, for decade, several research teams work on a new device: the microbial fuel cell (MFC). This last allows to convert the energy contained in the organic matter of different mediums (wastewaters, seawaters,…) in electrical power. The catalysis of electrochemical reactions in these MFCs is performed by microbial biofilms adhered to the surface of electrodes, the bacteria of these electroactive biofilms using a mechanism close to cellular respiration to exchange their electrons with the conductive surfaces. The objectives of this thesis are to form electro-active biofilms from the rich microscopic biodiversity in French Guiana, to identify microbes responsible for this electro-activity and to understand the mechanisms of electronic transfer involved by these biofilms.

Keywords : electroactive biofilm, microbial fuel cell, bioanode, biocathode, Amazonian biodiversity.

PhD Directors


« Amazonian electroactive biofilms for microbial fuel cells » P. Salvin, F. Robert, C. Roos, 61th annual meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Nice 2010, talk.

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