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The Atrium Biodiversity Information System - putting biodiversity data to work


The Atrium Biodiversity Information System ( http://atrium.andesamazon.org/) is an online platform created for integrating, managing, sharing, and publishing biodiversity and environmental data. In it’s current versions it contains the following modules: Digital Herbarium, GIS data repository, Library, Meteorological data and Vegetation Survey/Plot data. Atrium supports the full workflow from data collection to data management, analysis and publication in an integrated internet based system.

The philosophy behind Atrium is that data should not just be published on line but should be managed, analyzed and used online. Atrium therefore includes many advanced tools not found in other systems such as online determination and annotation of specimens, label printing, field guide creation, mapping and charting of data as well as advanced statistical analysis using R. It links plot data to the voucher collections and to GIS and meteorological data form the same site, making data integration easier. All data can be managed and edited online and there are routines for data import and export in a variety of formats.

Atrium follows established data and metadata standards and serves as a GBIF provider. Atrium is completely based on open source software following the LAMP model (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Salle Silvolab (Campus de Kourou)

View online : site ATRIUM

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