Palicourea crocea


Chemotaxonomy of the Palicourea crocea complex

Financement & durée

Labex Ceba, 2012.

Responsable scientifique

Guillaume Odonne

Partenariat scientifique

CNRS Guyane : porteur du projet.


UMR Amap(Herbier de


Présentation du projet

Within the Palicourea genus (Rubiaceae), P. crocea complex comprises four species (Palicourea crocea, P. croceoides, P. fastigiata, and P. tepuicola). Morpho-anatomical criteria are not sufficient to differentiate them exactly. The goal of this project is then to use analytical chemistry to set “fingerprints” by TLC, GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR. Data will be analyzed with MZmine2 and multiple comparison and clustering analysis will be used to compare the chromatograms and evaluate the chemical distances between the individuals in the study.

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