Christopher Baraloto

email : Chris.Baraloto at

Situation actuelle

Directeur de Recherche à l’INRA, en disponibilité.

Directeur de l’International Center for Tropical Botany (ICTB), Miami.

Publications pour EcoFoG

Fichaux, M., et al. "Habitats shape taxonomic and functional composition of Neotropical ant assemblages." Oecologia. 189.2 (2019): 501–513.
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Bruelheide, H., et al. "Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities." Nature Ecology & Evolution. 2.12 (2018): 1906–1917.
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Santiago, L. S., et al. "Coordination and trade-offs among hydraulic safety, efficiency and drought avoidance traits in Amazonian rainforest canopy tree species." New Phytol.. 218.3 (2018): 1015–1024.
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Gomes, V. H. F., et al. "Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data." Scientific Reports. 8.1 (2018): 1003.
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Fukami, T., et al. "Geographical variation in community divergence: insights from tropical forest monodominance by ectomycorrhizal trees." American Naturalist. 190 (2017): S105–S122.
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