Bruno Clair

Researcher at EcoFoG until 1st october 2018

email : bruno.clair at

Main scientific topics

1. Biomecanics: Study of the mechanisms allowing uprighting of trees from macro scale to macromolecular level.

- Mechanical behaviour and uprighing of sapling and adult trees in tropical rain forest

- Systematic anatomy of tension wood in tropical species

- Relationship between wood structure and growth stresses at the cell wall level

- Maturation stress generation in trees: study of the mechanism inducing tension in cellulose during cell maturation

- Development of the gelatinous layer in tension wood

2. Structure / properties relationship in wood: consequences of reaction wood on wood quality.

- Physical (drying shrinkage) and mechanical properties (growth stresses, MOE) of tension wood in relation with anatomy and ultrastructure (cellulose organisation)

- Microstructural determinants of viscoelasticity in wood and wood cell wall

- Consequences of growth stresses on drying

- Microscopic origin of drying shrinkage in tension wood

- Microcaracterisation of wood cell wall (microfibril angle, mesoporosity, sorption, composition)

- Traditional use of wood in building by ancient communities of French Guiana

Short CV

From 2012 CNRS researcher in EcoFoG
2009 Habilitation (HDR, Montpellier University)
2004-2012 CNRS researcher in Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering (LMGC), Montpellier University
2002-2004 Post-Doc in Wood Research Institute (Kyoto University , Japan)
2001-2002 Post-Doc in EcoFoG (Kourou)
2001 PhD in Forestry and Wood Sciences (ENGREF)
1998 D.E.A.“Wood Sciences” ENGREF-Nancy


List of publications

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