Several research units in French Guiana (Institut Pasteur of French Guiana, Cayenne General Hospital, National Center for Scientific Research) as well as teams from continental Europe have joined in a consortium of research: “STRonGer” for “Strengthening transdisciplinary research is Emerging Infectious Diseases and in French Guiana: linking fieldwork, and benchside bedside.”


Stronger is funded by the European Commission under the Research Potential program of the 7th Framework Program for Research and Development (FP7-REGPOT-2011-1). It will last 3 years and is coordinated by the Institut Pasteur of French Guiana.

Presentation of the project

The goal is to better identify and characterize health risks posed by the growing interface between forest and booming of human population.

Operational objectives:

  • Increase research capacity through recruitment of highly qualified people and reinforcement of the scientific platform
  • Strengthen the capacity of diagnosis and management of emerging diseases in Guyana by introducing new technologies
  • Striving for excellence in science, particularly through regular seminars and conducting an international scientific conference
  • Disseminate and transfer knowledge acquired by scientific mediation tools (website, video clips, reference books, information leaflets ...)

Expected results:

Ultimately, the achievement of stronger should strengthen scientific excellence in Guyana and increase the visibility of the consortium members in the field of infectious and emerging diseases. In terms of public health, stronger should have a major impact not only for French Guiana, but also for the Guyana Region and beyond.

View online : Project web page

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