Is the visual fluorescence a relevant signal in the communication between Mimosa pudica and Ministrymon azia: an interspecific experimental study.

Funding and duration

Labex Ceba, 2013. (1 year)


Christophe Duplais

Scientific partners

  • UMR EcoFoG, France
  • ENS Cachan
  • Université de Freiburg

Presentation of the project

VisualFACT project aims to elucidate whether biofluorescence influences interspecies communication. The study focuses on the interaction between the butterly Ministrymon azia (Lycaenidae) and its food plant Mimosa pudica (Fabaceae) whose anthers are fluorescent. Behavioral tests will be conducted with captive-bred butterflies to determine whether the fluorescent component of anther colour (i) is detectable by and (ii) influences the behavior of M. azia. Spectroscopic and chemical analysis will complement this study.

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