Species Coexistence and Negative Density Dependence in Tropical Rain Forests.

Financement & durée

Labex Ceba, 2013. (1 an)

Responsable scientifique

  • C. E. Timothy Paine,
  • Christopher Baraloto,
  • Bruno Hérault
  • Natalia Norden

Partenaires scientifiques

  • University of Stirling, UK
  • UMR EcoFoG, France
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Présentation du projet

This project will take a demographic approach to assess niche differences among tropical trees, and provide an initial estimate of the stability of their coexistence. We will synthesize and augment existing data on seed-fall, seedlings, saplings and adults. We will evaluate the effects of population density on the vital rates of trees, estimates of which will allow us to assess the stability of coexistence. Understanding the importance of niche differences and the stability of species coexistence will improve predictions of community dynamics and thereby bolster the management and conservation of tropical forests.

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