Alain Dejean

Tél. : (+594) 5 94 32 93 00

Fax : (+594) 5 94 32 43 02

email : Alain.Dejean at

Situation actuelle

Professeur émérite de l’Université de Toulouse, chercheur associé à l’UMR EcoFoG.

Publications pour EcoFoG

Leponce, Maurice, et al. "Rapid assessment of the three-dimensional distribution of dominant arboreal ants in tropical forests." Insect Conservation and Diversity. 14.4 (2021): 426–438.
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Leponce, Maurice, et al. "Spatial and functional structure of an entire ant assemblage in a lowland Panamanian rainforest." Basic and Applied. 56 (2021): 32–44.
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Dejean, Alain, et al. "Nutrient provisioning of its host myrmecophytic tree by a temporary social parasite of a plant-ant." Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 133.3 (2021): 744–750.
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Talaga, S., et al. "Impacts of biotic and abiotic parameters on immature populations of Aedes aegypti." J. Pest Sci.. 93.3 (2020): 941–952.
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Dejean, A., F. Petitclerc, and F. Azémar. "Seasonality influences ant-mediated nutrient acquisition (myrmecotrophy) by a Neotropical myrmecophyte." Evol. Ecol.. 34.4 (2020): 645–657.
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