Sabrina Coste

Tél. : (+594) 5 94 32 92 87

Fax : (+594) 5 94 32 43 02

email : Sabrina.Coste at

Situation actuelle

Enseignant-Chercheur à l’UMR EcoFoG. Responsable du master 2 Ecologie des Forêts Tropicales pour l’Université de la Guyane.

Publications pour EcoFoG

Leroy, C., et al. "Water and nutrient uptake capacity of leaf-absorbing trichomes vs. roots in epiphytic tank bromeliads." Environ. Exp. Bot.. 163 (2019): 112–123.
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Aguilos, M., et al. "Interannual and seasonal variations in ecosystem transpiration and water use efficiency in a tropical rainforest." Forests. 10.1 (2018).
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Maréchaux, I., et al. "Dry-season decline in tree sapflux is correlated with leaf turgor loss point in a tropical rainforest." Funct Ecol. 32.10 (2018): 2285–2297.
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Biwolé, A. B., et al. "Light Response of Seedlings of a Central African Timber Tree Species, Lophira alata (Ochnaceae), and the Definition of Light Requirements." Biotropica. 47.6 (2015): 681–688.
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Coste, S., et al. "A cost-benefit analysis of acclimation to low irradiance in tropical rainforest tree seedlings: leaf life span and payback time for leaf deployment." J. Exp. Bot.. 62.11 (2011): 3941–3955.
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