Yannick Estevez

Tél. : (+594) 5 94 29 31 34

Fax : (+594) 5 94 32 43 02

email : Yannick.Estevez at EcoFoG.gf

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Ingénieur de recherche à l’UMR EcoFoG

Publications pour EcoFoG

Duplais, C., and Y. Estevez. "Tandem Biocatalysis Unlocks the Challenging de Novo Production of Plant Natural Products." ChemBioChem. 18.22 (2017): 2192–2195.
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Leba, L. - J., et al. "Antiplasmodial activities of dyes against Plasmodium falciparum asexual and sexual stages: Contrasted uptakes of triarylmethanes Brilliant green, Green S (E142), and Patent Blue V (E131) by erythrocytes." International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance. 7.3 (2017): 314–320.
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Bossu, J., et al. "New insights on wood dimensional stability influenced by secondary metabolites: The case of a fast-growing tropical species Bagassa guianensis aubl." PLoS ONE. 11.3 (2016): e0150777.
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Leba, L. - J., et al. "Use of Plasmodium falciparum culture-adapted field isolates for in vitro exflagellation-blocking assay." Malaria Journal. 14 (2015): 234.
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Odonne, G., et al. "Ta'ta', Huayani: Perception of leishmaniasis and evaluation of medicinal plants used by the Chayahuita in Peru. Part II." J. Ethnopharmacol.. 126.1 (2009): 149–158.
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