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Maréchaux, I., et al. "Dry-season decline in tree sapflux is correlated with leaf turgor loss point in a tropical rainforest." Funct Ecol. 32.10 (2018): 2285–2297.
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Lambs, L., F. Bompy, and M. Dulormne. "Using an “isotopic spike” from a tropical storm to understand water exchange on a large scale: Case study of Hurricane Rafael in the lesser antilles archipelago, October 2012." Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 32.6 (2018): 457–468.
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Martos, F., et al. "Independent recruitment of saprotrophic fungi as mycorrhizal partners by tropical achlorophyllous orchids." New Phytologist. 184.3 (2009): 668–681.
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Bompy, F., et al. "Increasing fluctuations of soil salinity affect seedling growth performances and physiology in three Neotropical mangrove species." Plant and Soil. 380.1 (2014): 399–413.
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Dulormne, M., et al. "Effects of NaCl on growth, water status, N2 fixation, and ion distribution in Pterocarpus officinalis seedlings." Plant and Soil. 327.1 (2010): 23–34.
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