Clément Stahl

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Chercheur en écophysiologie.

Publications pour EcoFoG

De Deurwaerder, H., et al. "Liana and tree below-ground water competition—evidence for water resource partitioning during the dry season." Tree Physiology. 38.7 (2018): 1071–1083.
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Courtois, E. A., et al. "Spatial Variation of Soil CO2, CH4 and N2O Fluxes Across Topographical Positions in Tropical Forests of the Guiana Shield." Ecosystems. 21.7 (2018): 1445–1458.
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Maréchaux, I., et al. "Dry-season decline in tree sapflux is correlated with leaf turgor loss point in a tropical rainforest." Funct Ecol. 32.10 (2018): 2285–2297.
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Soong, J. L., et al. "Soil microbial CNP and respiration responses to organic matter and nutrient additions: Evidence from a tropical soil incubation." Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 122 (2018): 141–149.
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Fontaine, S., et al. "Response to Editor to the comment by Schipper and Smith to our paper entitled 'Continuous soil carbon storage of old permanent pastures in Amazonia'." Global Change Biology. 24.3 (2018): e732–e733.
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