Collaborative training for the study of beta-diversity in tropical forests


Agence inter-établissement de recherche pour le développement, 2014-2016


Christopher Baraloto
Alberto Vicentini - INPA



Presentation of the project

This project aims to promote collaboration on the study of Amazonian forest diversity.
It relates to a ANR Blanc project (NEBEDIV) investigating tropical forest beta-diversity in French Guiana and Amazonas, Brazil, but it also will interface with a broader partnership that includes research in Peru from already established international collaborations.

The NEBEDIV project integrates studies of plants and natural enemies (insects and soil fungi) across appropriate geographical and environmental gradients, to determine the relative importance of a biotic filtering and dispersal limitation in structuring tropical plant communities. TREBEDIV will permit the training of graduate students through courses and the development of the initial phase of student research projects within the framework of the NEBEDIV project, and will promote collaborative research between institutions based in Amazon region, with the major goal of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of tropical forest beta-diversity across broad geographic and environmental gradients.

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