What drives carbon fluxes and balance in an Amazonian forest?

Amazon forest is a major contributor to the global carbon cycle but has been subjected to strong variations in climate. Understanding the effect of climatic extremes to the carbon fluxes and net carbon uptake is crucial in reducing uncertainties in current and future global carbon balance calculations. To address this issue, researchers from UMR-EcoFoG-INRA, France; INPHB Cote d’lvoire and INPE, Brazil examined the 12− year (2004 – 2015) variations in photosynthesis, ecosystem respiration and the net carbon uptake from Guyaflux carbon monitoring tower in French Guiana. Key climatic drivers were also identified. Results revealed that this forest ecosystem was absorbing more carbon than it can emit thus it remained a carbon sink, although interannual variations in net carbon uptake was huge. This study highlights solar radiation as the best climatic driver of carbon fluxes and balance although water limitation during seasonal droughts is also enough to reduce ecosystem productivity, respiration and carbon uptake.

Details of the study can be found at https://www.sciencedirect.com/scien...

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