Programme scientifique


The CEBA Laboratory of Excellence will enable the development of research projects at the frontiers of science, but also the improvement of higher level education in French Guiana and the Caribbean. In this section, we outline a plan of action for the CEBA, detailing 6 main lines of activities (...)

Action 1 : Biodécouverte

Only a small fraction of existing biological diversity has been described. Understanding the way living forms have evolved on our planet is a fundamental scientific challenge, and it is a critical step both in designing conservation programs and to discover new molecules. Only an (...)

Action 2 : Génétique et écologie de l’adaptation

The characterization of mechanisms allowing organisms to acclimate or adapt to the environment is central to the science of CEBA. The study of the biological basis of variation in adaptive traits, of their plasticity and heritability, plays therefore a pivotal role in the project. (...)

Action 3 : Biodiversité et santé publique

The study of emerging or reemerging infectious diseases is a research of foremost relevance in French Guiana. The high diversity of strains naturally occurring in the environment with wild hosts or vectors intersects with a number of key societal issues encountered throughout South (...)

Action 4 : Démêler les processus écosystémiques de la biodiversité

To understand how species manage to coexist in their habitat, one must be able to assess how they interact with other species, and how they use resources of the environment. For example, over 90% of tropical plant species rely on animals for their pollination and/or the dispersal of (...)

Action 5 : Modélisation de la biodiversité dans l’espace et le temps

Producing scenarios for the future of biodiversity is crucial. The possible futures strongly depend on decisions made today and on our ability to anticipate over the forthcoming decades (Bennett et al. 2003, Coreau et al. 2009). Quantitative scenarios based on modeling outputs should (...)

Action 6 : Services de la biodiversité

An objective of the « Investissements d’Avenir » initiative is to link cutting-edge research to applications of direct relevance to society. The CEBA laboratory of excellence will ensure that this aspect be placed to the fore in French Guiana and in the Caribbean through its action. We (...)









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25 juillet - Coupure de l’internet

Après quelques semaines de fonctionnement erratique, notre lien internet a définitivement arrêté (...)

4 janvier - Poste à pourvoir au CIRAD

Le CIRAD, recrute un "VSC Bio Informaticien", basé en Guyane française.
Poste à pourvoir le (...)

20 juin 2016 - Recrutement au Cirad : Écologue des forêts tropicales, responsable scientifique de la station de Paracou

Le Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (Cirad) (...)

23 octobre 2015 - Visite du PDG du CNRS

Alain Fuchs, président directeur général du CNRS, a effectué une visite au sein de l’unité le (...)

20 août 2015 - Visite du Ministre de l’Economie

Emmanuel Macron, Ministre de l’Economie, de l’Industrie et du Numérique, a visité le laboratoire (...)


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