Laboratoire de biologie des interactions

Responsable : Jérôme Orivel

Objectifs et finalité

The general objective of the works led by the laboratory Biology of the Interactions is to contribute to the understanding of mechanisms at the origin of and which underlie the biodiversity through the study of the interactions between species. These interactions between species represent one of the important dimensions of the biodiversity because they establish the mechanisms which bind the elements of the biodiversity between them.
This laboratory is situated on the Agronomic Campus of Kourou, French Guiana, within the buildings INRA of the UMR EcoFoG.

Our research activities concern community assembly rules and the ecological adaptation and the plasticity of species traits in answer to the variations and to the constraints of their biotic and abiotic environment. These works lean largely on field studies in an integrative approach associating chemical, behavioral, molecular ecology and functional perspectives.

The privileged models of study are leaf litter ants and the networks of mutualist interactions between insects, plants and microorganisms, such as associations between ants, plants and fungi and the trophic aquatic networks of phytotelmes. The interactions of predation and competition are also studied, with ants as main model, through the quantification of the functional processes in which these organisms are involved and of the biochemical and structural characterization of venoms, in a fundamental and applied perspective.











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