Gaëlle Jaouen

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Research Engineer

Scientific area

Data management, forest ecology, community ecology

Scientific Projects






PhD (2007) : “Study of the biomechanical strategies of saplings growth in a tropical rain forest”

Master II (2003) : “Study of the gravitropic reaction of a tropical rain forest species : Symphonia globulifera L., light availability effect”

Scientific papers

Schimann, H., et al. "Tree communities and soil properties influence fungal community assembly in neotropical forests." Biotropica. 52.3 (2020): 444–456.
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Ziegler, C., et al. "Large hydraulic safety margins protect Neotropical canopy rainforest tree species against hydraulic failure during drought." Ann. Forest Sci.. 76.4 (2019): 115.
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Jaouen, G., et al. "Fungi of French Guiana gathered in a taxonomic, environmental and molecular dataset." Scientific data. 6.206 (2019).
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Vleminckx, J., et al. "Coordinated community structure among trees, fungi and invertebrate groups in Amazonian rainforests." Sci. Rep.. 9 (2019): 11337.
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Guitet, S., et al. "Disturbance Regimes Drive the Diversity of Regional Floristic Pools Across Guianan Rainforest Landscapes." Sci. Rep.. 8 (2018): 3872.
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