Amazonian Natural Products Lab

Team leader: Yannick Estevez and Emeline Houël
Scientific leader : Christophe Duplais

Goal and purpose

The chemistry lab has all required equipments to study secondary metabolites isolated from Amazonian ecosystems. Methods used in the laboratory are including extraction, purification, and structural determination of natural substances as well as organic products synthesis.

Location and main machines

The laboratory is equipped with 2 HPLC systems: (i) Waters analytical system (light scattering detector and a diode array detector) and (ii) semi-preparative Waters system (UV detector with dual wavelength). The equipment available in the laboratory is composed of: fume hood, distillers, rotary evaporators, speedvac, freeze-dryer, ultrasonic bath, air-oven and precision scales. The laboratory has a biological safety cabinet level 2. The laboratory has a biological safety cabinet level 2.

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