Assessment of French Guiana forest’s sensitivity to the combined impacts of forest harvesting and climate change with the explicit objective to adapt the current exploitation methods to the global change and futur climate challenges.

Funding and period

FEDER 2017-2019

Project leader

Bruno Hérault


The ultimate aim of the GFclim project is to enable the emergence and appropriation of the solutions allowing mitigation and adaptation to change in the sector’s strategy. Those should be pragmatic, realistic and built based on an iterative mrocess. The first step will be to translate the various possible scenarios of evolutions into quantitative indicators, in terms of CO2 emissions (increase of logging, plantations, fuelwood...) or in terms of the socio-economic impact of these scenarios will be evaluated in order to integrate various elements of adaptation (forest management, equipement, regulations...) into the long-term sector’s strategy. This work should yield an action plan, as quantitative as possible, for this economic sector.

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