Promoting the promoter

This publication by Vedel and Scotti reviews the state of the art
of studies on the way gene promoters work and determine gene expression.

Promoters are portions of a chromosome that generally lie
just ahead (“upstream”) of the transcribed sequence of the gene (the part that is copied into RNA and possibly translated into a protein).
Promoters interact with intracellular proteins (the “transcription factors”) in complex ways and determine where, when, how strongly a gene is expressed. The Authors contend that sequence variation in promoters
can have a disproportianately large role in evolution, and that the study of promoter variation should be the subject of a whole research
programme merging evolutionary biology, genomics, developmental biology, biochemistry and physiology. The Authors have obtained, and
studied sequence diversity of, promoters for key genes in tropical forest
trees. These results will be presented in a separate research paper.

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